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Eine Sammlung von Firmware-Versionen für den Freecom MusicPal Webradio. Stand 7.11.2016 ist die Seite nicht mehr zu erreichen.

Die Rechte an allen Bezeichnungen und der Firmware liegen bei MKM/Verbatim, ehemals Freecom.


Ab der Firmware 1.68 Beta sind zwei Images enthalten. Währen die "SSRAA"-Geräte auf einem Marvell 88W8618 VoIP SoC basieren, sind einige (neuere) "SSRBA"-Geräte mit einem Gemini SL351x Chipsatz im Umlauf. Siehe auch hier.



Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.68 (BETA)

Release Date: 23 April 2010

*  missing german translations added
*  few spanish translations added

*  new UPnP stack
*  longer timeout on wma streams
*  ntp server added
*  multiple scripts support for "nashville_notify*.sh external get_name" and "nashville_notify*.sh external selected"
*  youtube updated
*  slower alarm fade in
*  russian support improved

*  russian user interface added
*  html browser supports encoding

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.67 (FINAL)

Release Date: 04 January 2010

*  id3v2 unicode string parsing fixed
*  youtube working again
*  extras/fileserver name#no_linux_ext fixed
*  PChome stocks working again

* auth supported, add "#username:password", example:
*  ipc_send one line with timeout support and different style added: "/ipc_send?show_msg_box&foo&bar&@23"
*  ipc 'play' added e.g.: http://ip_of_musicpal/admin/cgi-bin/ipc_send?play&
*  extras/fileserver name#script/tmp/ added
* support, not online anymore
*  sleep timer value reported in state.xml
*  Kernel: "General Setup -> Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap)" set
*  Kernel: "Device Drivers -> SCSI device support -> Probe all LUNs on each SCSI device" set
*  debug page: weather kiosk mode
*  debug page: show sky info in extras/weather
*  debug page: internal speaker on in sleep mode is adjustable

*  windows 7 wmp "play to" working
* weather provider added
*  yahoo taiwan and korea stocks added
*  opml support in extras/rss feeds
*  spaces in stream url are now supported [IMDA compliant]
* gets executed on extras/file server shares

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.65 (BETA)

Release Date: 25 August 2009

* layout was changed, now working again

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.64 (BETA)

Release Date: 19 August 2009

*  'lineout' setting forgetting fixed
*  new last fm url layout supported e.g.:
*  idle clock working again
*  auto selection / auto play bug fixed

*  german alt time format changed
*  internal speaker turned on if 'sleep timer' is active
*  Brightness for Clock display can be adjusted
*  "Play favorites on startup" improved
*  wlan pwd can contain '=' sign now
*  'Favorites' is shown in main menu, even only one favorite is present

*  usb files are now sorted in natural order (2<10)
* auth supported, add "#username:password", example:
* supported e.g.: "aupeo://usher or"
* limited support (mp3 only) e.g.:
* supported e.g.:
*  wpl file support e.g. RockFun24
*  1 minute clock idle time and rss reload supported
*  filename on twonky vision server on upnp songs shown in details info
*  wakeup timer can be configured for every day
*  wakeup volume in html page
*  file server support in Extras menu
*  12000 khz support, e.g. ""
*  fading added (fast on start/stop + slow on wakeup)

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.59d (BETA)

Release Date: 17 March 2009

*  wpa key with 63 chars possible
*  Weather Umlaut support
*  startup issue fixed
*  youtube is working again

*  upnp search charset is limited to 'normal' characters
*  google finance url change + redirect support
*  audio driver turns off amp if in standby
*  more regional format support

*  greek support (e.g. and
*  sleep timer in play context menu
*  show favorites in "now playing" webinterface

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.58 (BETA)

Release Date: 12 January 2009

*  clicking noise during audio playback removed
*  clock/timezone set fixed

*  wep auth_alg=shared removed due to compatibility issues
*  -qq on wpa_supplicant removed
*  random play improved

*  auto select favorites/upnp songs on hovering (can be activated on debug page)
*  world clock: add/delete city in menu
*  [Please enter symbol] at Extras --> Stocks added

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.57 (BETA)

Release Date: 17 December 2008

*  M80 Radio support
*  RadioEssen support
* http link is working again
*  cnn rss feed fetching working again
*  wep auth_alg=shared added
* working again
* rss/enclosure handling fixed

*  stocks autorefresh support
*  show stock/weather in clock
*  youtube in "internet radio"
*  html menu collapse support
*  bridging support added

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.54 (BETA)

Release Date: 04 November 2008

*  less upnp traffic
*  telnetd working

*  twonky closes connection after each request

*  'Browse by Letter' can be disabled
*  logging of upnp library can be enabled
* on usb sticks gets executed

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.53 (BETA)

Release Date: 02 October 2008

*  shoutcast working again
* and mp3 podcast support

*  extras/weather: new layout supported
*  extras/weather: special chars working

*  new stocks provider pchome
*  Settings/Display/FontSize/Large Font can be selected
*  More encoding supported (requires "Large Font" to be selected):
   - rss feeds (windows-1250 encoding)
   - rss feeds (windows-1251 encoding)
   - rss feeds (windows-1254 encoding)

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.51 (BETA)

Release Date: 20 August 2008

*  better wave support
*  better podcast support
*  weather support improved (german Umlaute are now supported)
*  HTML browser support improved

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.50 (BETA)

Release Date: 31 July 2008

*  Opera reload problem with web interface fixed

*  Spiegel utf8 handling improved
*  HTML page optimized for Windows Mobile and iPhone
*  Alarm error handling improved
*  Less bass bost
*  UPnP server list sorted
*  Spiegel Wetter new layout supported
*  New layout supported

*  "Once" play mode added
*  16bit WAV support
*  Twitter RSS feed is supported
*  Show file size while downloading update
*  Podcast support in Extras/RSS Reader
*  Google Media Server support
*  Swedish added

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.47

Release Date: 07 April 2008

*  clock font 7 fixed
*  upnp server random play working
* working again
*  browse by letter working on Windows Media Connect

*  device name can contain special chars
*  more wma stations supported

Changelog MusicPal Firmware 1.46

Release Date: ?

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