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Do you still know gameart.com? The classic first-and-biggest-of-its-kind site for game (well, mostly Quake) related fan art on the net that closed almost 10 years ago after being hosted by PlanetQuake.com for such a long time?

Well, yes, it’s me, Nop – one half of „gameart.com“. The other half, Braindead is big in the aviation business meanwhile.

To celebrate its close 15-year-anniversary, here is a re-post of my classic „Death at DM5“ Quake comic strip published on December 18th, 1997 – together with more gameart.com stuff still to come.

Back in those days we had a Pentium 200 MMX with 64 megs of RAM and a 1024×768 CRT that gets topped by your current Android mobile (screen- and cpu-wise ;))

Death at DM5 Quake comic

The GameArt.com Tribute page is online now: Head over to gameart.onderka.com for more information.

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