Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 Firmware 3MA

Hier ist die aktuelle 3MA-Firmware für die "2TB Model 0F10311" Hitachis zu finden.

Update von 20N/28A erst auf 3EA, dann 3MA - Mehr Info im verlinkten Thread.


Hitachi 2TB 7K2000 (HDS722020ALA330), Model 0F10311

Current firmware: 3MA
Previous firmare: 3EA, 28A, 20N (newest to oldest)


This firmware applies to Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 2TB 7K2000 harddisks, model 0F10311. For other makes and models of drives you'll need to contact Hitachi support. The following information is being provided since its very difficult to get these files from Hitachi support, as they understandably don't want to create unnecessary RMA's by the software being misused (applied to a wrong drive or with improper procedure).


The Hitachi firmware update utility JKDL_SP.EXE must be run in DOS mode, so place it on something like a Win98 bootdisk. Connect your disks to your motherboard SATA port(s), and make sure your SATA mode is set to "IDE/LEGACY" rather than AHCI. Repeat an AHCI mode SATA port will not work correctly in DOS mode. You will NOT lose any data on the harddisk, the update does not touch the disk surfaces - I've flashed over 60 of these drives without issue. Lastly, the type of firmware file is "BDX" which you can answer when prompted. Follow the prompts and reboot.


A drive with firmware version 20N or 28A must FIRST be upgraded to 3EA before it can be upgraded to 3MA. To verify your firmware version, run the JKDL_SP.EXE tool without any parameters. If flashing 28A and 20N drives to 3EA, you do not need to reboot to then apply the 3MA update. You can do them one after the next in the same session.

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